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As the weather gets colder, I"ve realized that lip balm sometimes isn"t enough to hydrate my ever-dry lips, so I often find myself searching for hydrating lipsticks that"ll help nourish my lips without compromising color. For me, a moisturizing lipstick during the Fall và Winter seasons is a necessity!Recently, I"ve found myself reaching for the Missha Glam Art Rouge, which help give my lips the rich màu sắc I desire, while still keeping my lips moisturized and in tip-top shape! They"re formulated with Bulgarian Rose Oil và Rose of Jericho which help provide hydration & nourishment.

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The Glam Art Rouge (3.6g) comes in a chic và classy black lipstick case that"s magnetic! The magnetic closure is surprisingly very strong và literally pulls the cap shut making the entire packaging extremely secure. The case itself has some weight và is made out of a high unique material making it one of the more luxurious lipsticks I own. It also feels sturdy và durable, so it"s both purse-friendly và travel-friendly!Unlike typical lipsticks, the Glam Art Rouge features a diamond-shaped packaging, kind of like a lip, with rounded edges that fit easily into the hand making it easy to hold và control.

At the very đứng top of the cap is the brand name, "Missha", engraved in gold lettering, which just adds an even classier touch khổng lồ the lipstick. The packaging definitely gets an A+ from me!
The lipstick bullet itself is also quite out of the ordinary. It features a unique shape where the vị trí cao nhất half of the bullet comes lớn a diamond-like point, while the bottom half is completely rounded. The pointed tip allows for precise application especially along the edges of the lips while the rounded bottom part allows for easy all-over application on the body of the lips.
If you haven"t noticed already, there"s also an adorable lip imprint stamped directly onto the lipstick bullet of each individual one!
The Glam Art Rouge comes in a wide array of shades ranging from everyday nudes, pretty pinks, corals, oranges, purples, & bold reds! There are currently đôi mươi different shades in the collection, which is a huge shade selection for just one lipstick!
Applying makeup is one of my daily routine rituals. I am very much in tuned with makeup wornby women internationally. I also enjoy exploring makeup that does blend well, work well with your skin, does not cake, does not chalk up or strips apart, does not feather, makes you look young, fun or subtle, luminous, elegant, và healthy.
One of the very well-known good unique Korean makeup was introduced to lớn me by 0.8 liters, which is a Korean và Asian makeup & beauty product company that gives you không tính tiền items lớn try if you qualify. This Korean makeup that I qualified for was for the Missha Chiffon Matte Painting Rouge Moisturizing Liquid Lipstick color C0R01. This shade is more of a light burnt orange with pink tones on it.

Does the Missha Chiffon Matte Painting Rouge liquid lipstick feather?
I was happy to see that my results were positive, and it does not feather.Does the Missha Chiffon Matte Painting Rouge liquid lipstick is highly pigmented? It a pretty good pigmentation on your lips.How does the Missha Chiffon Matte Painting Rouge liquid lipstick look on your lips? I thought I was going to lớn receive very orange coral shade. However, it did not turn out that way as you can see it displayed on my lips. It is a light matte semi-shiny appearance. It looks very elegant. I do lượt thích it.

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Does it transfer or stick onto skin even if it is a matte liquid lipstick? It transfers a little bit onto the skin & takes close lớn a minute lớn dry well on your lips before putting your lips with food or kissing someone for example.What are the final results of the Missha Matte Painting Rouge Liquid Lipstick? It supposed khổng lồ provide a bright màu sắc with a subtle finish that is matte. It does provide that effect.What are the final results of the Missha Syrup Painting Rouge Liquid Lipstick? It supposed lớn give you a vivid màu sắc with a moisturizing gloss and great amount of shine.Is the Missha Matte Chiffon Painting Rouge matte enough?
Yes, it has a matte finish after you have let it dry without touching your lips for at least 45 seconds.Are you able lớn wear the Missha Painting Rouge Liquid Lipsticks for any occasions? Since there is a variety of different colors, you may wear the Missha Painting Rouge Liquid Lipstick from a daytime look lớn a nighttime look. I would say go with the lighter shades for the daytime, và the darker shades for the nighttime.How vày I use my Missha Liquid Lipstick lớn have the best application?
Make sure you have cleaned your lips.My Advice: It is best khổng lồ exfoliate your lips for any lipstick lớn go on smoothly.You may apply it with the applicator stick & it has a foam at the end of it.You may also apply it with a lipstick brush for the best application.

Is the Missha Matte Chiffon Painting Rouge moisturizing? Yes, you can actually feel your lips being moisturized besides it giving you a matte appearance & it dries well.

Benefits of the Missha Matte Chiffon Liquid Lipstick:

The chiffon powder gives you a smooth application, lightweight matte finish with superior adherence & permanent wear.The Shea butter in the Missha Matte Chiffon provides moisturization & nourishment.It has palm seed butter, which supposes khổng lồ balance your natural oils & moisturize.It gives you no dryness lượt thích other liquid lipstick may do.
The syrup coating called Polymer helps khổng lồ give you super adherence, enhances radiance, và gives you voluptuous lips appearance.The rosemary oil ingredient in the Missha Syrup improves the sheen effect & also gives you elasticity.It also nourishes & moisturizes your lips with olive oil.It gives you no dryness lượt thích other liquid lipstick may do.
What is the price of the Missha Liquid Lipstick? Price could range from $11 dollars khổng lồ below that price.
It turns brighter as it dries. As you can see the swatch against my skin. I had taken this picture in 10 seconds of putting on the swatch. It started to lớn try in about 45 seconds.