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Everything you ever wanted khổng lồ know about the Mac
Book Air Retina 13.3-inch (2017) - core i5 - 8GB - SSD 128GB

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Book Air Retina 13.3-inch (2017) - chip core i5 - 8GB - SSD 128GB

Manufacturing part numbers (MPN) : MQD32LL/A Release Date : Mid-2017 Screen kích thước (inches) : 13.3 Resolution : 1440 x 900 Storage : 128 GB Memory : 8 GB Storage Type : SSD touch Bar : No Retina : Yes công nghệ bluetooth : Yes Webcam : Yes Microphone : Yes SSD Storage Capacity (GB) : 128 mã sản phẩm : Mac
Book Air Processor speed : 1.8 GHz Processor brand : hãng intel Graphic card Type : hãng intel HD Graphics 6000 OS : mac
OS Processor vi xử lý core : 2 Manufacturer Ref. : A1466 color : Aluminium Release Year : 2017 Last OS Compatibility : Yes Keyboard type and language : QWERTY - English Processor : chip core i5-5350U Maximum OS supported : mac
OS Monterey (12) USB-A Port : 2 HDMI output : 0 cảm ứng ID : No công nghệ bluetooth Version : bluetooth không dây 4.0 Wi-Fi công nghệ : Wi‑Fi 802.11ac Mac
Book architecture : 64-bits Turbo Boost : 2.9 Microphone specifications : Dual microphones Webcam definition : 720p USB-C Port : 0 Brand : táo bị cắn dở Weight : 47 oz Height : 8.8 in Width : 12.6 in Depth : 18.4 in

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The 13-inch táo apple Mac
Book Air doesn" have much new under the hood, but it remains the least expensive way lớn get a Mac laptop.

Dan Ackerman leads" coverage of computers & gaming hardware. A new york native & former radio DJ, he" also a regular TV talking head và the tác giả of " Tetris Effect" (Hachette/Public
Affairs), a non-fiction gaming & business history book that has earned rave nhận xét from the new york Times, Fortune, LA đánh giá of Books, and many other publications." the standard Silicon Valley, Steve Jobs/Mark Zuckerberg technology-creation myth... The story shines." -- The new york Times
Expertise I" been testing và reviewing computer and gaming hardware for over 20 years, covering every console launch since the Dreamcast & every Mac
Book...ever. Credentials tác giả of the award-winning, NY Times-reviewed nonfiction book The Tetris Effect; Longtime consumer technology expert for CBS Mornings
Editors" note, Oct. 31, 2018: táo apple has announced a new version of the Mac
Book Air, which starts at $1,199 (£1,199, AU$1,849) & features a Retina display, touch ID and USB-C ports. The version reviewed below remains on sale, for now, & still starts at $999 (£949, AU$1,499). The original review, published on Aug. 17, 2017, follows.

The Mac
Book Air remains the least expensive Mac
Book, & has finally received a minor spec upgrade. Battery life is excellent, & performance for everyday tasks remains smooth. It" the only Mac
Book left with standard USB ports or a Mag
Safe connection.
The design feels dated, with a thick bezel around a low-resolution screen. Windows laptops in the same price range offer newer components, higher-res screens and lighter, slimmer bodies.
The Mac
Book Air lives to fight another day, thanks to its mainstream price & long battery life, but this classic máy tính is definitely in its twilight.
Apple" Mac
Book Air is as close to iconic as a piece of consumer giải pháp công nghệ gets. It" the single máy tính xách tay model you" most likely to see everywhere, from college campuses khổng lồ airports lớn coffee shops và even offices. & it" been that way for a very long time.

That" the problem. Not counting an incremental spec bump in mid-2017, this is still internally almost the same Mac
Book Air as the last refresh in 2015, & externally, it" had basically the same kiến thiết since 2010 (when the original 2008 kiến thiết got an overhaul). In công nghệ terms, that" roughly forever.

Sarah Tew/ it" also a testament lớn what a strong product the Air was in its heyday. To have a máy vi tính that looks & feels the same as it did for so many years while still a maintaining a loyal following, that" a rare achievement. The Mac
Book Air is no longer the best-for-almost-everyone device it once was, but it" the least expensive way (by far) to lớn get Mac
OS on a laptop, so there" certainly still a place for it. Cảnh báo that the Air we tested had a bộ vi xử lý core i7 CPU và 256GB SSD upgrade, for a total of $1,349, £1,234 or AU$2,039. The Air still starts at $999, £949 & AU$1,499, & can be found for even less online.


Price as reviewed Display size/resolution CPU Memory Graphics Storage Networking Operating system
$1,349, £1,234 or AU$2,039 (starts at $999, £949 or AU$1,499)
13-inch, 1,440x900-pixel display
2.2GHz Intel bộ vi xử lý core i7-5650U
1,536MB hãng intel HD Graphics 6000
802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless; bluetooth không dây 4.0
OS 10.12.6 Sierra

Still kicking

And a lot about the Mac
Book Air still works. As a long-time Air user, but also someone who hasn" spent a lot of time on one over the last few years, firing up the 2017 version felt lượt thích visiting an old friend.

There" the just-right kích cỡ of the 13-inch screen, still the best balance between viewability & portability; the rock-solid aluminum body, which can stand up to lớn years of abuse; và the chunky island-style keyboard, itself now extinct across the rest of the Mac
Book line, replaced by super-shallow butterfly keys that lack this màn chơi of tactile feedback.


Sarah Tew/ Air also scores points for being the last Mac
Book with a good, old-fashioned USB-A port. You know, the kind that every mouse, memory key & other accessory you own fits into. The Mac
Book Pro & the 12-inch Mac
Book have both gone all-in on USB-C, which is forward-looking khổng lồ be sure, but a limiting frustration for many.

Picking it up, I was reminded of another reason I loved this particular máy vi tính line for so long: the Mag
Safe power nguồn connection. The plug, which automatically pulls away from the body toàn thân when you yank the cord or trip over it, remains one of the most brilliant bits of consumer PC engineering ever.

Sarah Tew/" since been replaced by USB-C power nguồn connections, which are handy for sharing data, power, đoạn phim and other connections through the same port, but not nearly as flexible. That classic Mag
Safe has rescued many, many laptops from a grim fate over the years, and that" just the ones I" personally almost killed.

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Feeling its age

But using a Mac
Book Air, even a brand new one, in 2017 feels like getting stuck in a bit of a time warp. The processor is years out of date compared lớn newer slim laptops -- even though the big update for 2017 is a slight base CPU uptick, from a 1.6GHz Intel core i5 to lớn a 1.8GHz one, or in our case, an optional 2.2GHz core i7. All are from the same fifth generation of those chips, while hãng intel is about lớn announce details of the upcoming eighth-generation vi xử lý core CPUs.

I" argue that for websurfing, đoạn clip streaming & social media, it" not a huge giảm giá khuyến mãi to have an older-generation processor, but for a thousand bucks & up, you" not wrong to lớn want something newer. It is great, however, khổng lồ get 8GB of RAM as the default now, over the previous 4GB. The optional core i7 in our chạy thử system helped the Air keep pace with, or beat, some slim laptops with newer core i5 CPUs. But much more importantly, the Air is still a battery life king, running more than 10 hours.

A 13-inch Pro vs. The 13-inch Air in a battle of the bezels.

Sarah Tew/

The single biggest thing that keeps the Mac
Book Air stuck in the past is its display. This is a 1,440x900-pixel display, the same as the Air has used for many generations. It" also not an IPS display, the in-plane switching công nghệ found in newer laptops that helps with off-axis viewing. For anything above an ultrabudget laptop, it" not wrong lớn expect a higher resolution, especially in 2017, where even bargain basement televisions have 4K panels, & a growing number of midrange laptops are shooting past 1,920x1,080 towards 2,560x1,440 or even 4K.

So many new devices have shaved down the bezel, which is what we call the outer border around the screen. TVs và phones are nearly bezel-free today, và high-end laptops lượt thích the Dell XPS 13 or Samsung Notebook 9 are following the same path. By comparison, the wide silver border around the 13-inch Mac
Book Air screen may be the single most dated thing about the design.

Two years ago, I said: " the Air, you have a very thick bezel, the dead space between the edge of the display và the edge of the lid ... Giving you a less premium look and feel." The feeling is even more pronounced now, especially as the Mac
Book & Mac
Book Pro combine great higher-resolution screens with much thinner borders.

Sarah Tew/

It" a price thing

I know it sounds like I" judged the Mac
Book Air harshly for not keeping up with the times, but there" an important mitigating factor that could still make it the right choice for a great many shoppers.

The original Mac
Book Air launched in 2008 (with a single USB port & a slow non-SSD hard drive!) at $1,799 in the US. Over time that came down khổng lồ $999 for the base 13-inch Air, which is where it still sits today. That" $300 less than either a 12-inch Mac
Book or the lowest-end 13-inch Mac
Book Pro (both start at $1,299, £1,249 or AU$1,899), making this the most affordable Mac
Book by a wide margin.

Spending around the same on a new Windows máy tính will get you a better display, newer processor và probably more RAM và SSD storage (and even a hybrid hinge và touchscreen) -- but if you" determined to buy a Mac
OS laptop over a Windows 10 one, this is the least expensive option.

From left to right, the Mac
Book Pro, Mac
Book Air and Mac

Sarah Tew/

Even better, while táo sells the 13-inch Mac
Book Air for $999 and up, it" often easy to find at many US retailers for $899 or less, or $100 off the higher-end 256GB SSD configuration. Pre-2017 models, which are essentially identical in almost every way, can be found for as little as $799.

Years ago, I called the Mac
Book Air the most universally useful máy tính xách tay you could buy, because of its great design, long battery life & decent specs. Today, its appeal isn" quite as broad, và the design is definitely showing its age. But the lower prices available from some retailers, plus performance that" decent enough and battery life that still tops 10 hours, has given the Air another shot -- perhaps its last one -- at avoiding the old máy tính xách tay retirement home.

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